CrossFit Adamastor



The ideia was born in 2018, designed in 2020 until it took shape and life on August 2, 2021.
CrossFit Adamastor was born to serve others by creating a safe space where everyone feels valued and an important part of the project, and where a healthy lifestyle is shared.
The constant commitment to this healthy lifestyle is reflected in each one's well-being and has an impact on our loved ones.

We are CrossFit Adamastor!
You are CrossFit Adamastor!




We respect the each one's individuality and we want to give you tools for an healthier lifestyle.

The safety of our athletes is essential and the demonstration of the correct execution of each exercise is the basis of all our classes.

Above all, we prioritize the technical execution, adapting each exercise according to the needs of the athlete.

Here you will find a unique community where individual achievements are celebrated by everyone!